Let's shake things up with all-female construction teams

Building featured Design England’s case for housing projects exclusively run by women - are you up for the challenge?


Some of the major challenges for the industry in attracting women and young people include:

  • Working conditions - the belief that all work in the industry takes place outdoors in all weathers

  • Fears of a sexist environment – concerns about the language and behaviour of some male workers on site

  • Poor hiring and recruitment practices – an over-reliance on gender-biased recruitment literature and advertising and over-use of personal contacts and networks to recruit workers

  • Skills shortages – cycles of recession and growth mean that many skilled workers leave the industry during downturns, which has a knock-on effect of reducing the talent pool

  • Outsourcing of site staff – a large proportion of on-site trade roles are managed by sub-contractors, and housebuilding companies themselves have little say on who is actually working on site